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Spokane Estate Liquidation is here to help you make things easy. We will answer any questions, inquiries, or donation pickups you have promptly and before making any decisions.

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We value our customers greatly, and are always here to help. If you have any questions, inquiries, or comments feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We do not just earn clients we earn relationships and build a professional family so to speak. We take the time to fully understand your story of what has happened and the needs you have during this time you're going through. We strive to be quick and efficient for you while also doing things within the time frame you desire. Every sale gets a marketing campaign along side it. We also have an extensive email list and following used to invite the most people possible to your sale. We do understand that most of our clients are dealing having just lost someone or at the very least are dealing with an issue and thus looking to liquidate assets. We always show the people we work along side compassion, and dignity as all people should be given that but especially those grieving or going through turmoil. We handle everything from set up to break down so you do not have to. We remove or donate anything that is left from a sale that remains unsold for you in cases where the client just wants everything gone. We are able to do a complete liquidation everything you have in Spokane, WA where we are located and all the surrounding areas that make up the P.N.W.

In every situation that we handle you and our company need to sign a proper written contract. This protects both of us from not having our needs met or a obligation fulfilled. You will receive an original copy of the signed contract.

Just give us a call at 509-944-0774 or shoot over an email to We offer FREE consultations to game plan with you what your objectives are and how we can help. We want to get to know you personally and we want you to be comfortable with us as well! We know that this can be a hard time for those involved and the last thing you need is someone just showing up and not knowing a thing about them.

Yes, we are fully licensed we aren't doing under the table work, so to speak.

We can work with you. Our jobs do occasionally take us out of state. In those cases we can do a phone consult with you maybe even do a video chat where applicable and find out what your needs are and how we can help. We will need to verify that you are the owner or the executor of the estate and it's belongings of course. Realtors or neighbors can also help so long as we know we are speaking and dealing with the owner directly.

There are many different ways we can work the process. We can run your items through an estate and get a percentage of the sales for our time, we can do a full buyout, or we can auction everything and take a percentage off the sold amount minus costs. However, each situation is going to be different and we work to do the most beneficial plan for each client.

Absolutely this happens more often than you might think. Either needing items removed from the property or to the property for sale. Each situation is different however, each should be handled professionally and with the ability for us to do whatever we can to make things easier for you.

Yes we surely can, this also happens from time to time though not more rarely. You will need the title to any vehicle or automobile that needs to be sold. You can also set a minimum price on items like vehicles as well, which means you set the lowest price that you can possibly accept and we sell for the most we can. If no one offers at least your minimum, the vehicle stays.

Every situation is different a completed product will depend on not only the number of items in the estate, but also the estate location as well. The more remote the location typically speaking the longer it could take to get things completed. Typically speaking we can usually complete a sale within a week’s time. However, there are times it can requires more.

In most cases you will not have any out of pocket expenses. Typically speaking we only make a commission on the job completed, like in the case of an estate or an auction. We would decide what the best course of action and the percentage commission upon the free consultation at the location of the estate items. We base this percentage upon what is needed for the job such as but not limited to: the amount of items to be liquidated, the cost of labor we would incur, the cost of material for package, cost of dump vehicles and equipment, along with dumping fees if garbage dumps need to happen. There are situations, though rare, when we ask the client to help us with things such as dump fees if it seems our costs would far outweigh the percentage income so the return on investment would not balance. In most cases, these expenses are subtracted from the proceeds of the sale and then the percentage commission taken off that. We do our best to avoid any out-of-pocket expenses in every case that we can. During the consultation, we often are able to immediately give you the terms and conditions of our contract, including if there would need to be out of pocket expenses, again rare, as well as our percentage.

More often than not a two-day sale is enough to liquidate all assets in an estate. However, depending on the number of items there is a chance of the sale needing to last three days or more.