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Anything we do in life we strive to do it like we teach our kids to do things. Honestly, with integrity, with a win-win attitude, and going out working as hard as you possibly can.

Who Is Spokane Estate Liquidation

A completely family owned business, that wanted to stay together for all the important moments in life and help others with their urgent family moments as well. Starting a business together to help others, in a time that typically speaking emotions can be the highest, always giving them some kind of option and in the most honest, reliable, efficient, and sympathetic way possible.

Family Owned

For Eric and his family the most important thing in life is family and the time you have with them. So they can sympathize with those that have had loss of a loved one or a change in life circumstance. Which is typically what the situation is when it comes to estate liquidation. It’s a need which isn’t typically considered pleasant or typically a happy moment however, brings relief once it is handled.

That’s where Eric and his family come in, they work as hard as they can in order to insure that things are as simple and efficient as possible in order to bring families both a service which is needed but also the beginning of a new start for those involved. From needing to depart with items in an Estate sell down to purchasing an entire house full of items and hauling it away to get the family cash AND the items gone quick.

You would think for a family starting a business together the best part would be obviously making money, selling the estate items. However, for Eric and his family the best thing to them; is hearing the stories from the families about their loved ones and what they meant to them along with helping them come to a solution that is most beneficial for them. Sometimes it’s simple, the main goal is just to set up an estate sale and sell as many items as possible to get the family money. However, sometimes it’s more, one marvelous elder lady who didn’t need money and she didn’t need estate sales. What she needed was her items that meant most to her moved to a storage unit, but she didn’t need to be charged 1400 dollars! So in exchange for items she no longer wanted, Eric and Chris moved the rest for her with a Uhaul to her storage unit free of charge. They are truly two families helping other families in their most dire time of need and they always try to make it a win win for those involved.

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Word-of-mouth is THE KEY to business in general but more importantly our reputation. Like the saying goes, "A referral is the highest honor that a business can receive". We always want you to be extremely satisfied with our services for you, but we would also LOVE if you would share about us as well!

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